House Wall Painting:

Masonry Coatings is a generic term for any wall or masonry covering. This could be a exterior wall coatings, masonry paints, wall rendering, textured coatings or even pebbledashing. 


One of the most important factors when applying any type of masonry or wall coating is Masonry Wall Coating preparation, preparation, preparation! It doesn’t matter how good the coating is, if the substrate is poorly prepared, it will simply not perform!


Many times we have been called to rework competitor jobs that have simply cut corners, often through lack of proper wall preparation to save costs... this is unacceptable! These wall coatings failures occur for several reasons, one example, missing primer or worse still simply not washing the wall of dirt or loose debris.

  • Resistant to peeling, cracking, chalking and colour fade for up to 15 years
  • Highly breathable, water and fungal resistant
  • Eco friendly, water-based formulation with minimal VOC content
  • Low odour
  • Quick drying
  • Child and pet safe


Acrylic Textured Coatings

Acrylic textured coatings also known as silicone textured coatings can actually be classified as a render finish. These are anti-crack masonry coatings, commonly used on newer buildings but perform well on any structure that is sound and soild.

Clear Masonry Coatings

Clear masonry coatings can be applied to porous brick and stone walls. They are clear colourless solutions which when dry, do not change the original aesthetic appearance of the wall.

The primary use for clear masonry coatings is to act as a waterproof protective barrier for the prevention of penetrating damp.

Although these clear masonry coatings prevent water droplets from penetrating the brick or stone substrate, their molecular structure allows water vapour to pass out of the wall, maintaining breathability. 


Textured Coatings

Textured Coatings are suitable on all types of substrate which are sound, free of  Free Survey high levels of movement and not permanently wet. These textured coatings are made with a resin or enamel base and have been on the market for over 40 years.