Exterior paints and stains are a home's best protection against the elements, and how long and how well an exterior paint or stain will do its job to protect a house depends on the quality and type of the paint or stain, the quality of the preparation, and the quality of the application.


External painting - the exterior of the property needed restoring



Finished - the lead work was also cleaned and re-painted

Urethane Roof Coating

Urethanes come in both solvent and non-solvent versions to comply with various air quality regulations. They offer excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces and exhibit a high degree of elongation and tensile strength and thus are tough and durable.

Benefits of Urethane Roof Coating

  • Standing water is well tolerated
  • Durable against abrasion
  • Withstands dirt

Installation of Roof Coating

The roof coating becomes a seamless (monolithic) fluid-applied membrane. It has elastic properties that allow it to stretch and return to its original shape without damage. 

1. Sweep and clear off any loose material.

​2. Power wash the entire roof. The roof surface needs to be clean, dry and free of oil, grease and dirt.

3. Do the detail work.  All penetrations and flashings must be done before the field coating.

4. Apply field coats. Depending on the system installed, this could be one to four coats.

Coloured Roof Coating

Coloured roof coatings are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent way to give your home a brand new look without the upheaval and expense of replacing your roof.

A coloured roof coating, however, will do more than just spruce up the exterior of your home. It will also:

  • Coat your roof with a waterproof barrier
  • Help to eradicate moss growth
  • Stop water damage

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicones offer excellent weathering resistance and good water resistance due to their inorganic chemical makeup. Silicone can be applied in colder weather and are excellent on roofs with poor drainage..

The cured film is relatively soft and tends to pick up dirt over time and is not as resistant to foot traffic and physical abuse as urethane.  Silicones also come in low VOC formulations.


Benefits of Silicone Roof Coating

  • Sustainable — Renewable and transferable manufacturer warranties.
  • Reflective — Energy Star Rated coatings cool the building & lower air conditioning costs.
  • Versatile — Can be used on all types of roofs and can be installed year-round. 


Acyrlic Roof Coating

Acrylics are water-based coatings, generate little odor and cost less per gallon than some other types of coatings but are not as durable.

These coatings may run it if it rains before they’ve completely dried, shouldn’t be applied in colder weather and do not perform well in ponding water conditions. Best used on roofs with good drainage and little rooftop traffic.